Dr. Jayme Fernandez, M.D.
Dr. Jayme Fernandez, M.D.
Male Enhancement Specialist
Board Certified

Board Certified. Member, American Urological Association (AUA), Member, IberoAmerican Federation of Plastic Surgery (FILACP), Urological  Surgeon, University of Guadalajara, and Member, The Board of Urology (MBU). As one of the foremost Urology Specialists in the world, Dr. Fernandez is internationally famous for state-of-the-art surgery using the latest minimally invasive techniques for perfection in male enhancement.

  • Pioneer of advanced laser technology procedures.
  • Professor, Urology Residency Training.
  • Department of Urology.
  • Personal post-op follow up.
  • Fluent English and Spanish.
  • Answers emails promptly!
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